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The Future of Prosecution

  • 6 years ago law enforcement and the DAs office did not communicate at all and everyone tried to go alone, we see what happened, 8000+ case backlog, incomplete cases leading to incomplete prosecution

  • This past administration worked on bringing all of us back to the table, got rid of the backlog of cases, worked with law enforcement to bridge some of those gaps.

  • Take this to the next step: Crime doesn’t stop at 5pm and neither should prosecution.  A move toward a 24 hour operating system.  Diversion at the earliest moments of contact to reduce COVID-19 backlog cases.  Emphasis on reduction in Domestic Violence.  Using data to target Auto-theft & Retail Crime and the implementation of an Integrity Unit


Prosecuting the crimes of tomorrow

Hand Sanitizers

Reduction in COVID-19 backlog

The pandemic created a massive backlog of cases that no one could anticipate.  In order to move forward these cases must be resolved.  Embracing early diversion from arrest decisions to programs that deal with addiction, housing, and childhood trauma must be a fundamental tool that we use.

Law Office

"The Night Shift"

Crime does not stop at 5pm and neither will we.  Creating a dedicated team assisting law enforcement at the moment of arrest will reduce bad cases, guide law enforcement, create the earliest diversion possible and allow the prosecutors the ability to be at their best during the day and not exhausted from having to work all night.


Domestic Violence

Any study of domestic violence will show that a reduction at the misdemeanor level will have a drastic effect in lowering homicides and child abuse.  I want to create a Domestic Violence Court within the Metropolitan Court that will provide faster resolution for victims while offering wrap-around services for offenders, victims, and children.

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Smart Data

Auto-theft and retail crime drives up costs of everything to all members of the community.  I want to use the data we have to share with our partners to convict those that are driving this area of crime and divert those that are victims of other criminals and addiction before violence becomes the norm.  

Stack of Files

Integrity Unit

As science and technology evolves and shapes our beliefs, we should be willing to look inward to be sure that we did the right thing in our past prosecutions. The goal would be to have multiple partners act independently in reviewing cases when new evidence or science lends itself to call for a review.


Things  I promise

  • I will NOT use data to justify bad policing tactics or racial profiling.

  • I will use alternative dispute resolution and pre-adjudication diversion as often as possible.

  • I will work with the Courts and our partners to streamline case process for faster resolution.

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