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What To Do Next?


Domestic Violence is not just about knowing one area of the law.  That’s ridiculous.  It is about knowing all areas (Criminal, Family, Civil) of the law that touch upon Domestic Violence.


You see, all three of these areas are related in different ways to each other.  As an advocate for my clients, it is important to realize and to have a working knowledge of how these three components interact and relate to the people that come before you.


I have been very fortunate to be able to blend all three of these practice areas over my years as an attorney to better serve my clients.  It would be naïve to represent a client accused of domestic violence without having this unique experience and knowing how all the parts of the law work and move together.


Many times, officers are dispatched to a call and once they arrive are required to make quick decisions about what happened.  Often times, the Officer simply only talks to one party and not the other or just doesn't listen to your side of the events and makes an arrest without taking your side into account.

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