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Leadership of Prosecution


It is not enough for us to solely be a partner with law enforcement, the city and the county.  We must be the leading partner in law enforcement across the State in showing how prosecution and justice reform can and will work together to make a stronger community.

As a former defense attorney I was fortunate enough to be able to represent and empathize with those individuals that come before the criminal justice system that is not always fair and equitable to everyone.


As the current Deputy District Attorney of the Metropolitan Division I have been able to make the system more equitable and fair for both victims, defendants, and the community.  By hiring and training future prosecutors, assisting in creating more diversion and rehabilitation, and not simply doing business as usual, we are turning the corner on making a real positive impact for this community.

My legal career has been built on building positive relationships regardless of the side that I represent.  In order to have a successful prosecution, it is essential that all the parties at the table can disagree but still be willing to have their voice heard.


This site will show how we plan for the prosecution of the future, to bring all the criminal justice partners together, and how we are going to fight to make this community better.

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